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T.A.V.L.I.N. - Torah Anecdotes, Vignettes Lessons & INspirations

Sequel to Rabbi Polter's recently published 101 Magnificent Torah Sermons, T.A.V.L.I.N. engages, enchants and allows the reader to indulge in a fabulous experience, in which the author skillfully brings Torah words, numerology, philology and semantical exegeses to life and decodes Torah in a superbly original fashion.

by Schneur Polter (Author)

101 Magnificent Torah Sermons: Torah Portion and Jewish Holiday Homilies and Exegeses

A first in Torah portion and Jewish holiday sermonizing. A unique and refreshing approach to Torah interpretation and exegeses. You will be rewarded in purchasing a copy, and in delivering these at your rabbinic pulpit or simply around your quaint and cozy Shabbat table.

by Schneur Polter (Author)

God Is Great: Setting the Record Straight

This book will guide you through the labyrinthine complexities of life and purpose, while instilling the sense that One is always with you "guiding" your every step and every move, monumental or mundane.

by Schneur Polter (Author)

Pearls of a Patriarch: and Psychotherapeutic Anecdotes

In 283 brilliant short quotes and axioms, this book nutshells the recipe to a truly good, happy and fulfilling life. All from the perspective of its author, who compiled these over a four-decade career in education and psychotherapy. You're certain to enjoy these, and to be rewarded by internalizing these great life lessons and morals that will certainly impact yourself and those around, and near and dear to, you. The "Index" as well is second to none, and is sure to engage and inspire.

by Moshe Polter (Author)

The Shevatim: The Blessings and History of the Tribes of Israel

The culmination of years of research and writing, The Shevatim is a fascinating and original work written by renowned educator, Rabbi Moshe Polter, o.b.m. The Shevatim offers a thorough review of the Torah's numerous references to the Tribes of Israel; their history, blessings, and how the Tribes uniquely emerged as one nation - the Jewish people.

by Moshe Polter (Author)


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Schneur Polter

Founder & President

Rabbi Schneur (Stephen) Polter is an ordained rabbi and a licensed attorney in New York and Michigan. He also holds an MBA. He is a prolific writer and thinker and has previously authored and published four books that span the book genre spectrum, including fiction and non-fiction (some authored under various pen names). In 2009, after a twelve-year hiatus in New York, where he practiced as an attorney and moonlighted as pulpit rabbi for a temple on Long Island on Shabbat and Jewish holidays, Rabbi Polter moved, with his wife and four children, to Detroit, Michigan, his native city. There he practices as an attorney and serves as professor of Judaic studies at Oakland University, teaching such diverse subjects as Introduction to Judaism, Jewish History, and Jewish Law. Stephen's hobbies include reading, writing, Chess and Bowling, and is an avid diehard Detroit Tigers' (baseball) fan.

Moshe Polter, OBM

Rabbi Moshe Polter taught 4th grade Hebrew school in Detroit for 33 years. He also served as principal of a private elementary school, and was a licensed psychotherapist. He was a member of the American Counseling Association, Michigan Counseling Association, a diplomat of the American Psychotherapy Association, and was a Certified Addictions Counselor.

Rabbi Polter authored The Shevatim (The Tribes), Targum Press - Feldheim, 2004. He also co-authored two other works with renown psychotherapist, Dr. Morris Mandel: More Wooing, Less Suing, 2000; and Verbal Vitamins for a Healthier Life, 1998. Finally, Rabbi Polter also co-authored another book, with his son Schneur (Stephen), 0 to 5760 in 60 Minutes, a panoramic view of Jewish history, Spirit Press, 2006.

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