About David Harp Publishers

David Harp Publishers (formerly Spirit Press) launched, with its new branding and insignia, in 2015.

David Harp’s goal is to bring its readers quality books on topics that cross the Jewish or general religious and philosophic spectrum. Though its thematic aim is first and foremost Jewish, it entertains as well any topic of higher acumen(ical) and ecumenical writing, or thoughts and ideas of a higher intellectual sphere – thoughts and ideas that engage and endure.

David Harp grew out of a need of its founder to establish a voice, and a portal through which, to communicate his own unique and fresh ideas.

Over more than fifteen years, DHP has learned that “traditional” publishing is mostly a thing of the past. Due to the ease and popularity of self-publishing, traditional publishers have mostly become obsolete; only the few, the bold and the strong have survived. This has caused an unprecedented amount of submission rejections to those abutting (or even experienced and veteran) writers who, merely due to a lack of fame, have seen their dreams snuffed, even if they have a manuscript that in fact has merit to otherwise command publication thereof.

David Harp wishes to revolutionize the old. It seeks to reach those authors who have a unique book idea and haven’t the time, financial resources or general wherewithal to invest in such a daunting project. DHP will, upon prompt review and consideration of a manuscript, return to its author with a decision. And the best thing about it is that, unlike traditional publishers that may take as much as six (6) months to respond, DHP offers its “30-day Response Guarantee”. DHP will also not overhaul and rewrite your book, as most other publishers do and will. Finally, DHP also guarantees a one-year publication date from date of first approval.

If DHP shall accept a submission for publishing, other than a $2000 stipend to offset costs, the author will not be responsible for another dime out-of-pocket. DHP will handle (and advance the costs associated with) editing, layout & design, cover design, etc.

DHP has already achieved an established and recognized name in the industry, and seeks to grow that name while maintaining its stellar reputation among authors, readers, booksellers and vendors.

We invite you to purchase DHP books and or to submit your own for review.

We look forward to seeing you…in print!

What People Say About Our Books

"Thought provoking and written beautifully. This book proves that not only is belief in God not ludicrous, it is, in fact, quite reasonable."

Noach Klein

"Very insightful and though provoking read. Enjoyable and informative read!"

Mike Youssef

"I received my copy of the book just recently and I can't put it down. I highly recommend it. It is wonderful interesting and insightful."

David Schaeffer